We want to be valued not only for our treatments, but also for the way we work

诚信是十大网投在线官方入口的核心价值观之一. We are committed to acting ethically and responsibly throughout our business.

We uphold high ethical standards throughout our value chain by being accountable and transparent, 尊重人权, 保持良好的治理.

Whether it is finding technological alternatives to animals in science for our research, 保障资料私隐, or our zero tolerance to bribery and corruption, we apply high standards of ethical practice throughout our business and supply chain.


Integrity also defines how we approach dialogue with our stakeholders, including our suppliers. We want to build trust by listening to their concerns and communicating transparently about LEO Pharma. To build and maintain trust with our stakeholders, we work with a number of programs in our CSR Commitment 2018-2020 that focus on integrity.

Programs that contribute to upholding the high integrity standards of our business:



We are determined to protect our employees by avoiding potential accidents and promoting a safe working environment and culture. Keeping our employees safe is of great importance in everything we do.



十大网投在线官方入口保护员工的隐私, 病人, 与十大网投在线官方入口接触的医生和医务人员, 十大网投在线官方入口必须保护个人数据. 

We do not distinguish between regions in our approach to safeguarding individual rights and freedoms, even though some regions have stricter data protection legislation than others. 十大网投在线官方入口在任何地方都设立了最高标准.



诚信是利奥制药的核心价值观之一. 十大网投在线官方入口致力于反腐败. We uphold high business standards and promote good business conduct globally in our interactions with customers, 医疗专业人员, 政府官员和其他商业伙伴.



Animal experimentation is a prerequisite for drug development. We want to ad在这里 to the highest standards in animal research, based on the 3Rs and the EU Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. The 3Rs ensure replacement, reduction and refinement in the work with research animals. 在实践中, this means we only use animals if t在这里 are no alternatives, and in these cases we use as few animals as possible and minimize the negative impact on each animal.



We want to create better supply chains in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. 

负责的供应链管理 at LEO Pharma covers the processes and systems we have in place to manage our supply chain responsibly and minimise the adverse impact our suppliers have in relation to human rights, 反贪与环保. 负责的供应链管理 is important as stakeholder expectations are rising in relation to this area, with increasing requirements from both international guidelines and legislation.

此外, LEO Pharma needs to work actively with responsible supply chain management in order to reap the benefits that can be obtained through risk mitigation and collaborative partnerships. We t在这里fore aim to know the 社会 and environmental impact that we have on and through our supply chain, and actively work with our business partners to continually improve practices.

Learn more about our responsible supply chain management position 在这里


丹麦道德贸易倡议(DIEH) is a Danish based multi-stakeholder organisation “whose purpose is, through cooperation between different stakeholders, 在非营利的基础上, to promote international trade that respects human- and labour rights, environmental considerations and contributes to global sustainable development by strengthening members’ efforts in ethical trade” 

For more information about DIEH please visit their website at http://www.dieh.dk

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) is a group of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies who share a vision of better, 社会, environmental and economic outcomes in the communities w在这里 they buy. Through PSCI members can share knowledge and expertise across the industry to drive complex, global change more effectively than any one organization alone. PSCI is an industry collaboration established to promote responsible supply chain management and better business conditions across the industry. 

For more information about PSCI please visit their website at http://pscinitiative.org/home.
PSCI原则可在 http://pscinitiative.org/resources.

Sustainability Standards for LEO Pharma Business Partners

Sustainability Standards for LEO Pharma Business Partners replace LEO Pharma Third Party Compliance Code as of January 1, 2021.

英文版本为有效版本. In case of any discrepancy with translated versions, the 英语 version shall prevail.


Sustainability Standards for LEO Pharma Business Partners are also available in the following languages: