While it is about "me" and my uniqueness, it is also about "we" and where I fit in.

At 利奥制药, we want to foster an inclusive workplace. Read more about some of the initiatives we are doing below.

Creating an inclusive workplace means balancing the two. We want everyone to feel that their identity is understood and recognized for its uniqueness but also that their identity is embraced and enhanced by the wider group to which they belong. Here are some examples of how we work every day, to make everyone feel included and like they belong.  


Online sessions for all  


Fostering an inclusive culture is everybody’s business and that’s why we want to make it easy for everybody to understand what inclusion is about and what each of us can do to foster an inclusive culture and become more aware of our own bias. 


We have 2 different sessions available:  


  • Ignite Inclusion for all employees
  • 铅在内地 for all leaders  




Ignite Inclusion raises mindfulness about everyday acts of exclusion and how to check yourself for bias. The participants are made aware of their headwinds and tailwinds, and how to use these in everyday work to be active allies of inclusion.  




For our leaders we offer online training sessions called 铅在内地. 在会议期间, our leaders learn more about being active allies and role models for inclusive behaviour. The 铅在内地 sessions are very important, because our leaders play a key role in determining who is hired, 发达, and promoted across 利奥制药.  


全收@ Leo 


全收@ Leo is 利奥制药’s D&我的网络, where we collaborate across functions, 团队, and locations to create initiatives that can foster a more inclusive workplace. 


ALL IN stands for Allies Leading LEO’s Inclusive Network. The network has members from various nationalities, 包括美国, 澳大利亚, 加拿大, 丹麦, 埃及, 法国, 波兰的, 墨西哥和更多.  

我加入了ALL IN团队, because I believe that equality is a beautiful value that needs to be cared for and sometimes fought for. I’m certain that diversity is a power that motivates us to work, collaborate and to create impossible things. Remember: you have rights to be YOU.
People Delivery Team Lead
I am ALL IN because diversity and inclusion matters in the workplace, when we strive for these tenets we empower each other by respecting and appreciating the value that each of our differences bring to the organization.
LEO should be well-known as a welcoming workplace that offers growth and development opportunities for ALL employees. Being part of the 全收@ Leo we can work together across 团队 and function areas to make this happen.
Cecilia Sparr Eskilsson
导演,R&D项目 & 联盟管理

Inclusion is everybody’s business 


It is important for us to foster an inclusive culture, and to ensure that our ways of working, and our processes are inclusive.


Besides offering online learning sessions for everyone in 利奥制药, we are also making sure that we continuously recognize and celebrate important events such as International Women’s Day, 全球骄傲月, 等. By recognizing and celebrating these important days and events, we show our commitment and support to fostering an inclusive culture for everyone.  


Likewise, we are working to ensure that our processes are also inclusive for everyone. Some of the recent initiatives are:  


  • D&I dashboards: We have 发达 D&I dashboards enabling all HR business partners to investigate which D&I areas that are relevant to focus on within their countries/regions/business areas. 
  • Talent Acquisition: We are continuously educating our Talent Acquisition Partners in D&I to enable them to support and challenge our hiring managers in the recruitment process. 
  • Performance Management: We have integrated bias training into our performance management process to ensure that our leaders are mindful that assessing their employees is a moment that matters when fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.