Striking the right balance

Our goal is to have a diverse workforce across all levels and within all areas of LEO Pharma.

We have a broad view on diversity, and we know that all our differences are what make us unique. 


To understand our level of diversity, we are continuously monitoring our diversity measures. At a global level, we can measure 3 diversity factors: Age, gender and seniority. 


Age distribution



The age distribution of our workforce remained stable compared to 2020. 



Gender balance



Our management population consists of 200 senior managers and 643 middle managers. 






The tenure distribution of our workforce remained stable compared to 2020. 1 ≤ 3 years of tenure is the most significant category. 


The data on this page will be updated annually beginning of every year.  



Ambitious gender balance target setting 


To strengthen the gender diversity balance across all management levels, we have set 2025 targets for middle and senior management levels. 


Our target is to have minimum 45% of the underrepresented gender on all management levels. This meaning, that we want a minimum of 45% women and 45% men on all managerial levels leaving 10% flexibility for all gender identities.  




Gender diversity at board level 


Our current 2024 goal is to have at least 3 members of the underrepresented gender (currently women) of the Board of Directors of LEO Pharma excluding the employee elected board members.



Metric Unit 2022 2021 2020
Gender diversity at board level Women  1
  Men  7


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